Feb 11

Kindness through the Love Languages

I am very excited to introduce our first guest blogger, Becky from The Logbook. She provides great information and amazing encouragement…stop by her site and take a look!

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Hey, I’m Becky. I write from my heart for those who want real life encouragement. It may not always be pretty, but hey, its real life. I also create DIY tutorials for people who love the idea of DIY and creating their own beautiful things, but don’t own a garage full of fancy power tools. I give people the tools to get more from their daily life, encouraging creativity and perseverance. I left teaching to stay at home with my kids, help with the farm and grow my blog. My house has never been dirtier. For real. Come learn along with me over at the Logbook!

With Valentine’s Day almost here I have been thinking a lot about how I am loving my husband and children. I know that my children are each unique, but am I speaking to them in a way that they see love? The Love Languages website {based on Gary Chapmans book the 5 Love Languages} offers a free survey to help you discover your love language and the language of your children. There is no survey on here for children under the age of nine, but they offer suggestions on how you can discover the love language for young children. You can ask them to draw you pictures of ways their parents show love. Or you can try speaking to them with different love languages throughout the week and see how they respond to each one. Not sure where to start? I’ve put together a list of how to “speak” to your children with each of the 5 languages. You can head over to The Logbook to check out my suggestions.

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