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Birthday in a Bag!

Apr 08, 2016

I want to introduce you to our guest blogger, Riya Thorson, who has started an amazing project in her community – which also happens to be right down the road from me…. Riya Thorson: A little about me...I am a Virginia Beach resident, founder of HIT & Run fitness studio, a mama to an adorable 3 year old (totally biased), and have worked in law enforcement my entire adult life.  Needless to say, I care about people and have dedicated my life to helping them make theirs better.  I wish I was creative enough to have come up with the Birthday in a Bag Project on my own, but it is definitely a borrowed idea from a friend who is a social worker in North Carolina.  My creativity may have been lacking, but my imagination is not. I can envision each child's face when he/she blows out th(more…)

Exploring kindness through storytime

Mar 04, 2016

What better way to introduce and encourage the topic of kindness & helping others than through storytime! As a play therapist I’m a big fan of bibliotherapy and as a mom I absolutely love cuddling up with my kids as we explore a good book. I say explore because in our house with three kids ages 6 and under sometimes the pages don’t go in order, words are invented, and voices are always added. In her article "Learning with Books" Jean Warren makes some excellent points regarding reading and learning - “So much of the learning value from books is from helping children make connections and from encouraging them to experiment with words and actions. Stories can give meaning to your children’s lives. Stories ca(more…)

Kindness through the Love Languages

Feb 11, 2016

I am very excited to introduce our first guest blogger, Becky from The Logbook. She provides great information and amazing encouragement...stop by her site and take a look!    Hey, I’m Becky. I write from my heart for those who want real life encouragement. It may not always be pretty, but hey, its real life. I also create DIY tutorials for people who love the idea of DIY and creating their own beautiful things, but don’t own a garage full of fancy power tools. I give people the tools to get more from their daily life, encouraging creativity and perseverance. I left teaching to stay at home with my kids, help with the farm and grow my blog. My house has never been dirtier. For real. Come learn along with me over at the Logbook! With Valentine's Day almost here I have been thinkin(more…)

Growing service minded children

Jan 30, 2016

I can’t tell you how many times I have heard “they’re too young to help” or even better “they’re too young to get anything out of it.” Definitely the wrong thing to say to a mom who is super passionate about mission work with little kiddos. And being the competitive person that I am I love proving those Negative Nancys wrong. I have been doing mission work with my kiddos since my oldest was 3. Now we’re not feeding starving children in Africa or building homes with Habitat for Humanity, but we are getting hands-on in our home and in our community. And for little ones their home and their community is their world, so what better place to start cultivating kindness and compassion?! Dr. Marilynn Price-Mitchell, founder of Roots of Action makes a great observation of the impor(more…)