Jan 22

Calling all kindness scatterers

Hi, my name is Erin! I’m a part time play therapist and full time stay at home momma to three amazing, spirited, and energetic kiddos! My passion is mission work with kids and families. I love planning kindness projects, watching children as they scatter kindness, meeting awesome families along the way, and finding new ways for kiddos to get hands on in their community! Okay, so that last part is the reason I’m here – to get kiddos (and their families) hands-on in their community.

If you haven’t done a hands-on kindness project with your kiddos you have to try it! Watching young kids care for the needs of others is a beautiful thing. Our little ones do not seem to have all of the biases and preconceived notions that us adults have picked up along the way. I have watched my preschooler walk right into a resident’s room at our local assisted living center and hop right up onto the bed to say hello, not even hesitating for one moment at the cords and nurses in the room. And to be honest this mommy hesitated for a moment (or two or three!) before walking in.

 I call my six year old the Walmart greeter because he really will walk up to anyone and start talking. Somehow that genuine non-biased love gets shaped and chipped away as they grow into what is believed to be socially acceptable and the innocence of offering another child a container of bubbles at the park is not as close to the surface anymore. I want to keep that love and genuineness at the surface shining brightly and that’s where The Community Kindness Project comes in!


JOIN US in forming a community of kindness scatterers who want to get their families hands-on in their communities! We will share ideas, encourage one another, and ideally we’ll impact our communities. I’m not saying we will be digging wells in Africa or curing infectious diseases, BUT we will be instilling and growing compassion in our children, identifying and meeting needs of those around us and spending quality time together as a family. I truly believe that one life touched by kindness can in turn become a life that lifts up another in need! So let’s go impact our communities!


Join us on Facebook!!   https://www.facebook.com/Community-Kindness-Project-1621983464751772

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